About Us

Tong Young Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. [201701030306 (1244476-V)] is an Asian Instant Cooking Paste Manufacturer that makes use of locally grown spices and resources to value add into ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat instant food products for domestic and global markets such as China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Australia, US, Canada and more.

With today’s modern lifestyle, Tong Young aims to provide quality instant food to consumers without compromising the taste, appearance and texture of dishes. Even though it is instant, Tong Young’s products are as authentic as freshly cooked meals using real natural ingredients.

Signature Cooking Pastes

Our signature cooking pastes are well-matched with staple food such as noodles, rice noodles, oats, bread, and more. We carry out continuous Research and Development (R&D) in our cooking pastes to ensure our products are suitable to the current market needs and lifestyle that demand healthy, quality and convenient food. We not only use quality and fresh ingredients to make our cooking paste but also preserve the amazing flavours throughout our production to each and every single delicious bite! We implement Mortar and Pestle traditional concept into our customized machine to create a unique aroma, texture and flavourful cooking paste without breaking the fibres of the ingredients.

Red Chef

One of the established Instant Noodles Brands manufactured by us is Red Chef. Red Chef aims to provide a quality instant food experience to the consumer. The instant noodle paste is packed with healthy natural ingredients infused with amazing flavours that give an irresistible taste at the first bite. Best of all, it can be easily prepared and enjoyed within 5 minutes as we call it “The Real Deal in 5 minutes”. With Red Chef in the kitchen, everyone can be a great Chef!

Tong Young Foodservice

Tong Young does not only target the retail market but also the foodservice segment such as hotels, restaurants, cafes and hawker stalls. Over the years, Tong Young has gained its competitive advantage by supplying mass production of cooking pastes to the foodservice segment. With this, we aim to help the foodservice sector achieve efficiency, cost-saving, consistency in quality and taste profile. 

Established OEM Services

With years of experience in R&D, we provide professional consultation and OEM services to our OEM customers based on their needs and requirements. Backed by a team of food specialists, we have the capability to convert our customers’ recipes or formulation to mass production for supply to both retail and foodservice. The sophisticated cooking process is done in house by Tong Young so that our customers can focus on providing better service to the end consumers. We at Tong Young not only make good tastes but also create desires and experiences that are worth celebrating.

Our Milestones

Started Instant Paste manufacturing – Sky Thomas Food Industries Sdn Bhd
Innovated and launched the first instant noodles with paste product and hit the market by storm–MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodles.
Started Tong Young Food Industries Sdn Bhd – OEM Red Chef Brand to Yee Lee Trading Hero products – Red Chef Spicy Sakura Prawn Soup Noodles, Red Chef Spicy Sakura Prawn Soup Rice Vermicelli and Noodles (Bihun Mee).

Annie Tang – Executive Director
Managements, Operations, Business developments

  • Office operations – Process flow, HR, Finance, Purchasing, Production Planning, QA
  • Business and products developments
  • Analysis of recipes and formulations
  • Local distribution experience (General Trade and Modern Trade)
  • Social media managements and E-Commerce (Facebook, instagram, E-commerce website)
  • Local/Export sales and marketing
  • 10 years of export experience in the relevant industry (Hands on export sales from business negotiation to shipment arrangements)
  • Food expo arrangements locally and internationally (Japan, Dubai, Sydney, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong)

Kelvin Leong

Kelvin Leong is a multi award winning creative with an unique perspective on brand storytelling in the digital age. Having been the Executive Creative Director at award winning advertising agencies.

One thing has become abundantly clear to him; Technology is timely, but storytelling is timeless. Throughout his 29 years in advertising, he worked on numerous accounts that included Nestle, Coca Cola, P&G, Boots, Toyota, Sony, Guinness, Danone, Visa, FedEx, Pepsico, Olympus, GSK, Mars Chocolates, Wirgley Chewing Gum, Mini Cooper, Unilever, KFC, Castrol, BP, 361Sports, Tsingtoa Beer, The North Face, Fanta, Oakley, Air New Zealand, Shanghai Disneyland and Volkswagen.

He has received generous recognition from Spikes, Adfest, AWARDS, D&AD, Clio, One Show and Cannes. A Penang boy at heart and a self confessed serial foodie who owns Shanghai Food Fusion, a chain of Hainanese Chicken Rice restaurants. Currently based in Shanghai collaborating with an artist for an IP project where he is looking forward to continuing the good work.

Kelvin will lend his expertise in the marketing aspect of our brand of products.


Vincent is involved with businesses around the world. Throughout the years, he has owned and operated various businesses such as IT managed service provider, software development and marketing, food takeout and delivery, import and export trading, retail and online products. He is tech and business savvy bringing his years of business knowledge to our company.